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Welcome To Pine Ridge Saddle Company, LLC
Updated January 2015
Saddle base price $2,200, price will be going up on Feb 15th.
Call to schedule a saddle making class
10130 Lost Prairie Rd
Marion, MT 59925
(406) 858-2371
Come on in and take a look around. We are always available to answer any of your questions regarding a custom saddle or other leather item.
Just call 406-858-2371 or email

  • All types of saddle repair, restoration and rebuilds.
  • Custom saddles on handmade Timberline trees made to fit both you and your horse or mule.
  • Have a hard time fitting any saddle to your animal? We can have a tree made to fit your horse or mule.
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship.
  • Free shipping on custom saddles within the continental United States
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